Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keeping It Real

For those of you who only imagine me with a pristine house of quiet, book-reading children (bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!), I thought I should swallow my pride and show you where all of my lesson planning, photo editing, and blogging has been happening lately. I won’t even make excuses for why it looks like this.


I have a bunch of administrative/planning/organizational tasks to tackle this week, and this space wasn’t working for me. I put off the other tasks and tackled my office instead. Which led to book re-organization and all sorts of stuff. I still have some piles to deal with (and no-way-no-how am I showing you pictures of the rest of the house), but I’m able to breathe again.


I still have to deal with the box/green tote/basket pile, but not today. The stack of books on the chair needs to find a new home—not in this one. Anyone want some books? Oh, and I have a giraffe and Raggedy Anne that were left during the open house in April. Anyone want to claim them? My desk still needs some help.


I rearranged a bunch on this bookshelf:


And on this one:


I think I’m now ready to wrap up the end of this school year and get ready for the next!! Medieval and Early Renaissance, anyone?


Julie Pennick said...

Heidi, that is awesome! I bet you'll sleep well tonight. Organizing is so exhausting.

Anonymous said...

An incredible job, Heidi. Wow!! Grandpa says congratulations also. Unfortunately I have several places in our house that need some work but I'd rather work outside in the garden so other places will just have to wait. That must be a wonderful feeling to have that all under control, at least for the time being. Grandma

Kellie said...

I think many of us can relate! Spring always gets so busy, but we plug on full speed with homeschooling so we can actually get a summer break. The result is that in the meantime the house always falls apart. I can barely walk through my school room or my master bedroom right now! So I just wanted to congratulate you on a great organization project and thank you for helping motivate me as I figure out which room in my house to tackle today. ; )