Sunday, May 26, 2013

On the Water

I’m finally posting pictures from Mother’s Day weekend. Friends called on Saturday and asked if we were up for a spontaneous afternoon on their boat. Um, yes please! We were out for six glorious hours in what I’m certain is heaven on earth. The day was deliciously warm (though overcast), and the water was shockingly cold (so my husband tells me). That didn’t stop Lola. She kept begging, “Throw me in!” (Who is this child?!)

I love my life.

Img2013-05-11_0001fImg2013-05-11_0011fImg2013-05-11_0021fOn the RiverImg2013-05-11_0031fImg2013-05-11_0044fImg2013-05-11_0046fImg2013-05-11_0053fOn the River 2Img2013-05-11_0063fImg2013-05-11_0081fImg2013-05-11_0089fImg2013-05-11_0091fImg2013-05-11_0092fImg2013-05-11_0095f2Img2013-05-11_0103fImg2013-05-11_0111fImg2013-05-11_0114f

Can you see him?


How about now?



Anonymous said...

What an incredible place to spend several hours - so restful and beautiful. Looks so "Oregonian". Grandma

Hannah said...

Looks like paradise. I can see what the pioneers saw in it!