Thursday, January 15, 2015



We made it to the Disneyland park later than we planned on the last day after spending the morning and early afternoon at California Adventure. We barely made it in time to watch the wonderful parade, and it was starting to get dark towards the end. I was disappointed not to get more pictures in the day time.

Parade Characters 

All four days I was surprised to realize just how many Disney movies the kids have not seen! The only princesses Lola knew were Elsa and Anna from Frozen. That’s not a bad or good thing—simply an observation.

We made our way to Toontown, where we hadn’t even stepped foot yet. I truly felt we could have spent three more days between the two parks in order to see everything. Especially with a range of ages and without splitting up the family, there is simply so much to see and explore.

Please, remind me next time we go to Disneyland not to ride Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. It is, hands-down, the worst ride at the Disney parks.



“It’s a Small World” (One of our family favorites):






And that’s all, folks.

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