Friday, January 9, 2015

There and Back ~ Whoosh!


[This picture was taken on the afternoon of our fourth and last day. If we look like we’ve been hit by a truck, don’t judge.]

Saturday: Packed and left town a bit before 5 pm. Drove all night.

Sunday: After stopping to rest for an hour or two because neither of us could keep driving, arrived in Anaheim around 8:30 am. Parked (an adventure in itself), grabbed breakfast from the cooler, filled backpacks, changed into fresh clothes, walked into the park, picked up tickets, and began in Disneyland around 9:30 am. It was busy, and we were a tad exhausted, but we managed a full day until about 6 pm—and then we all hit a wall. We walked out of the park, had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, checked into the hotel, unloaded all our stuff, and passed out.

Monday: We didn’t manage a single early morning because we were so exhausted. But we stayed in California Adventure for about 12 hours, had a super late supper at Denny’s, then collapsed in bed.

Tuesday: We spent a slightly shorter day in Disneyland, had supper outside the park around 6 pm, picked up cheesecake to-go, and spent a slightly more leisurely late evening at the hotel.

Wednesday: The morning and early afternoon were spent at California Adventure (where we ate a big lunch), and late afternoon and evening in Disneyland. We broke down and rented a stroller for Lola, which was a life-saver. I was drop-dead tired by about 8 pm, so Lola and I walked back to the hotel while the boys closed down the park.

Thursday: We took our time packing up and checked out just before 11 am. After a Target necessities stop and lunch at Chipotle, we left Anaheim at 12:30. And drove and drove and drove. When we arrived home at 4:30 am, we promptly fell into bed.

Friday: Exhausted.


Drive: blessedly uneventful (other than that one guy who was swerving in front of us, crossed a lane of traffic, bounced off the cement divider and kept driving), if a bit long. We had a bit of fog coming and going but absolutely no precipitation, very little road construction, no rush-hour traffic, and a completely clear pass over the mountains.

Weather: absolutely gorgeous and perfect in the upper 70s. Sunshine, shorts, and palm trees. Wahoo!

Children: healthy and relatively well-behaved. (Considering our vacation track record, this is a minor miracle.)

Vacation: success.


So thankful.

[Laundry and organizing is on the docket for today. More pictures tomorrow. Then it’s time to get ready for the reality of Monday.]


Kellie said...

Wow! You guys deserve a medal or something way cooler than that. : ) We've done the driving all night thing, but I can't even imagine walking straight into Disneyland after that! Glad you had a great time!

Heidi said...

Kellie, that wasn't our original plan. We didn't know how long it would take us to drive, or how much we'd need to stop and sleep. When we arrived that early and couldn't check into our hotel until 3 pm, we thought we might as well do our short day on Sunday rather than Thursday after we checked out. I can't believe I could even function at a minimal level all day. ;)

Hannah said...

Woohoo! I agree with Kellie, but your explanation makes sense. So delighted that your trip was just as fun as you were hoping and expecting!

Aunt Shan said...

Love to compare this picture and the one from your (our) last trip! So cute how much the boys have grown! I am so glad you got to go!