Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five ~ On YouTube

What We’re Watching on YouTube

[Parental discretion advised]

1. We own four other David Macaulay PBS Specials on DVD (Pyramid, Roman City, Castle, and Cathedral), but we are missing the Mill episode, so I was excited to find it on YouTube (above).

2. The historyteachers parodies are hilarious. My boys have been walking around singing “La la Liberte, e e-galite, fra fra-ternite, French Revolution.” (We watched several others as well, especially Catherine the Great.)

3. We then moved on to the French Revolution on Horrible Histories. Because I hadn’t damaged my children enough.

4. Only slightly more serious (and detailed) is the Crash Course History series with John Green.

(Disclaimer: I am balancing out the silliness by reading A Tale of Two Cities aloud to the boys. Pinky swear.)

5. The following video is not about the French Revolution or the Industrial Revolution. It is, however, one of my boys’ favorites—because I have odd children.


What have you been watching on YouTube?


carole said...

Rhett and Link (Good Mythical Morning), Stampy Cat, Tudor Monastary, Edwardian Farm

Heidi said...

Ooh, those sound great, Carole! We'll check them out. :)

carole said...

Rhett and Link offer pure silliness which appeals to our boys. A few favorites at our house are "Will it popsicle?" "Debate-o-rama: Waffle vs. Pancake" "Will it donut?" "The Oregon Trail" & "Fast Food Folk Song"