Thursday, February 12, 2015

Under Construction

Under Construction

Hey, friends!

I know it has been a little quieter than normal here on the blog recently. I’m still here, just under the weather for the past five weeks. As the never-ending cough finally began to abate, I landed a nasty head cold and sinus headache which has left me with foggy brain. And I’ll admit that I am beginning to fantasize about summer. Is it just me, or are you feeling that way, too?

I have also spent some time making long-overdue improvements here on the blog. This month marks the EIGHT YEAR anniversary of Mt. Hope Chronicles! I figure that’s as good an occasion as any to spruce up the place. [grin] So you’ll notice changes happening over the course of the month, but I wanted to point out a few things to start with.

1. I have an “About” page! You can click on the tab just under the header at the top of the page to read about me, my family, and the blog. I’ll be adding more tabs for easier blog navigation, so be sure to check them out when they appear!

2. Did you know you can follow Mt. Hope Chronicles by email? Just enter your address over there on the side bar (where it says “follow by email”) and you won’t miss out on any excitement going on around here.

3. I finally have a Mt. Hope Chronicles Facebook page. [It’s about time.] I’ll be sharing interesting links, quotes, and blog posts there, so feel free to follow and join in the conversation! Just click “Like” in the Facebook box on the sidebar.

4. I’ve added an Amazon search bar (on the sidebar just below the Facebook box), so if you are interested in supporting Mt. Hope Chronicles in that way I’ve tried to make it easier for you to do so. (I receive a small commission on any Amazon purchases made through my links, whether or not you purchase the specific items I recommend.) I cannot adequately express my appreciation for those of you who purchase through my links! Thank you, thank you!

It is my intention to preserve the personal atmosphere of the blog, but I want to keep it fresh and easy to navigate. I know many of you have been faithful readers for years and years, and I hope you continue to enjoy visiting this little corner of the internet.

Be sure to check back next week for the anniversary party and giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi .....I clicked on over to your "about" page. I had never heard of the Myers-Briggs test, so I linked over and took it. Guess what?! I'm an ISFJ too! That must be why I like you and your blog so much😊......Connie

Heidi said...

Too fun, Connie! I love Myers-Briggs. I've found it very helpful in understanding myself and the people I am surrounded by. :)