Saturday, March 7, 2015

Food For Thought ~ Music and Art

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"Music, being identical with heaven, isn't a thing of momentary thrills, or even hourly ones. It's a condition of eternity."

~Gustav Holst [HT: Squilt Music]

"You can study orchestration, you can study harmony and theory and everything else, but melodies come straight from God. There's really no technique for melodies."

~ Quincy Jones, producer/arranger [HT: Jim Weiss]

:: Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did to You @

"What we found was the more a child trained on an instrument," Hudziak told the Washington Post, "it accelerated cortical organization in attention skill, anxiety management and emotional control."

:: 7 Days to Beethoven: A totally free mini-course from Professor Carol

:: Music Makes You a Better Reader, Says Neuroscience @ GOOD Magazine

“We’ve added a critical new chapter to the story about music and education,” says Kraus. “Due to the overlap between neural circuits dedicated to speech and music, and the distributed network of cognitive, sensorimotor, and reward circuits engaged during music making, it would appear that music training is a particularly potent driver of experience-dependent plasticity in the brain that influences processing of sound related to academics.”


:: An Honest, Human, Amateur Art Critic @ Story Warren

In The Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning said, “Quite simply, our deep gratitude to Jesus Christ is manifested…in our deep and delicate respect for one another.” Artistry cannot be objectified as something entirely separate from the person, not if it’s good and thoughtful work. Scribbles are scribbles, after all, but the pouring out of a person’s heart should not be taken lightly. The gift reflects and reveals the giver. And the giver reflects the Giver, in both image and art.

:: How Art Can Help You Analyze by Amy E. Herman [Ted-Ed]

The benefits of art study are numerous and complex, but this entertaining and short video highlights a practical benefit not often considered.

:: The Art of Cleanup: Ursus Wehrli Playfully Deconstructs and Reorders the Chaos of Life @ Brain Pickings.

This is oh, so fun. I need this book to look at on those rough days when nothing is in its place.

:: 12 fascinating optical illusions show how color can trick the eye @ The Washington Post.

“The Dress” brouhaha that made its rounds on social media disturbed me. How can it be possible that people see colors that differently? This article is fascinating.


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Unknown said...

Thanks Heidi. These posts on music have re-inspired me to get back into guitar lessons for molly and I. Our instructor abruptly stopped lessons and I haven't made much effort to replace that time because I enjoyed not running around so much, but it really is important.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Music has been redemptive in our household. I stream classical on Pandora like it's a talisman. I have been known to hold my streaming device up as to combat arguments in our home. ;) Found Telleman this year-- amazing. Thanks for this post.

Heidi said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed the quotes and links!

Mindy, I know how difficult it is to place priorities on things--especially music! I always wanted my kids to take piano lessons, but that fell through the cracks. At least they are in choir and doing some music theory.

About Laura, I love this: "I stream classical on Pandora like it's a talisman." I need to play classical music more often. But *I* am the one in this house who is sensitive to extra auditory input!