Sunday, March 8, 2015

Working in the Quiet Room

Working on Lessons @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

It astounds me how quickly the boys’ room becomes an unmanageable pit. It’s not like I hadn’t cleaned it from top to bottom just a couple months ago. But it somehow had gotten so bad that no one was even sleeping in his own space anymore.

I ended up spending hours and hours again this past week, cleaning it out so it could function again. The next morning, Luke didn’t want to leave the room. He’s my nice and neat kid. He asked if he could set up a space in the corner so that he could do his school work in his room. [Yes, those are roller skates on his feet. Ivy donated her too-small roller skates to Lola, but Luke and Leif figured out that they could shove their feet into the several-sizes-too-small skates and have been wearing them around the house constantly since then.]

Levi decided to join him a little bit later.

School Work @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We may as well enjoy the couple days it stays relatively straightened.

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