Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father’s Day and Family Softball

Family Softball @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We spent Father’s Day afternoon in the garden with my family. It was our first family softball of the season, and Olive’s first time ever! She hit the ball on the very first try and ended up being a natural.

Mom up to Bat @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Rilla up to Bat @ Mt. Hope Chronicles 

Rilla on the Run @ Mt. Hope Chronicles 

Russ up to Bat @ Mt. Hope Chronicles 

Drake up to Bat @ Mt. Hope Chronicles 

Dad and his girls.

Dad and Daughters @ Mt. Hope Chronicles 

Russ brought his new toy to share, and everyone had a turn.

Rilla on the Go Cart @ Mt. Hope Chronicles Holly in the Go Cart @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesMom in the Go Cart @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesDad in the Go Cart @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I am so thankful for the two most important men in my life. Dad and Russ, you are the best dads I could ask for. I love you both.

Russ and Luke @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Sweet Bouquets said... all your fun pics, especially the great one of your Mom batting! Looks like she should be in the professionals! :)

Lissa G. Wommack said...

I'd personally for you to similar to with regards to your current 1st family members softball in the time, along with Olive’s new ever before! The girl reach your soccer ball in the first make an attempt to found themselves as a pure.

Aron Dawson said...

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