Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Miss Me?

Sunday at Lake Oswego @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Boy howdy, I’ve turned into a blog slacker!

We’ve been a little busy with general summer life since my family softball post.

Last week the kids had two, yes TWO, VBSs to attend. Lola, Leif, and Luke attended our favorite VBS in the mornings (Levi is too old and Lola was finally old enough this year!) and Leif attended our own church’s “Kids’ Kamp” in the evenings. Luke and Levi “helped” with games, and Lola is still too young to attend. It was a rather crazy week driving back and forth (neither VBS is close, and one is smack-dab in the middle of crazy road construction).

Levi attended a rousing birthday party with 3 good friends at a nearby trampoline park.

I attended a book club meeting where we hilariously donned Jane Austen tattoos (my sister’s tattoos were my favorites) and had an impromptu movie night with Pride and Prejudice and popcorn.

Russ headed over to Bend with Luke early Saturday morning to coach one of his swimmers at a swim meet there. After the meet, they spent a short while at the outdoor splash pool, several hours at a climbing gym, and some time at a bowling alley before crashing haphazardly in a tent.

Levi attended a late evening “glow” event with the church youth group where they played capture the flag and I don’t know what else.

Russ and Luke drove home Sunday afternoon and met up with the rest of us so we could attend our friend Bob’s annual summer party at his house on Lake Oswego (view above). The company is diverse and it’s enjoyable to catch up with everyone over big plates of ribs. (If the boys are trying to describe which Bob they are talking about, this Bob is always “ribs Bob.”) The kids all swam (while I talked).

All four of the kids spent a few hours at another friends’ house playing on Monday afternoon.

We have a pool date at yet another friend’s house later this week, and concerts in the park start up next Monday!

So, all this fun?

I now have whiny children who cannot do simple tasks (much less with a respectful attitude) and they think they are abused and have no friends and do nothing fun and their lives are tragic and boring and it’s always someone else’s fault.

And my house, well, it looks as if there has been a struggle at best. A crime scene, maybe.

I guess we’ll start summer boot camp tomorrow.

Should be fun in this 100+ degree heat wave we’re having. [Seriously, this can’t be Oregon, people.]

How is your summer going?


Erika said...

I resonated fiercely with this post! (I am a long time reader of your blog, but haven't commented before). We, too, have been swimming in summer activities, and my littles (age 8, 5, 2) are often grouchy, whiney, and unkind to each other -- much more so than during our normal homeschooling year. I was just telling my husband that all of this activity seems to have clouded their minds and worn them down. I'm just thankful to know it's not only my kids! I'll say a prayer for you and all the other mamma's trying to navigate the minefield of a FUN yet exhausting summer!

Unknown said...

Amen! We have been going non-stop since Memorial Day with church activities, church camps, and our CC practicum. WE ARE EXHAUSTED! And my kids are showing it. I'm curious how you run a Boot Camp - I need to do that with mine... after VBS. 3 days to go!