Monday, July 6, 2015

The Summer Life

Pool Part @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I love summer.

Even with our current heat wave.

I cannot ever remember a spring/early summer this dry and hot. We’ve had a long string of 90-100 degree days. The 15-day forecast says 80-90 degrees, which is better.

On one of the HOT days, we spent hours at my friend Lindsay’s pool with her daughter, Daphne. Actually, she’s more like my little sister since I’ve known her since she was born. Grin.

Shannon, Rilla, Sweden, and my mom were there as well (and Lindsay’s mom, my second mom), so it was a big party. Sweden slept and slept before donning a yellow polka dot bikini and getting in the water for the first time in her short life. I took a bunch of pictures with my mom’s camera, so maybe she’ll post some soon. [Ahem, Mom.]

Baby Toes @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

On Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my long-time online friend Crissy and her son, Hunter. It’s always nice to see friends in person!

Tonight kicks off the Monday evening summer concert series in the park.

We’ll see what the rest of this week holds.

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Timi said...

We have the same heat wave here... I do hope the weather will change this week! I wish I could live in Finland or in Norway... where the summer is much colder :o)