Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lindsay’s Bridal Shower

Lindsay's Bridal Shower @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

My “little sister” Lindsay is getting married! [Okay, she’s not really my little sister, but we’ve been close family friends since she was born and we grew up together.] Her bridal shower was a lovely garden affair.

Lindsay is on the right. Her sister-in-law, Domini, is on the left.

Domini and Lindsay @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesA Bridal Shower @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The bridesmaids at the 1920’s photo booth. [Lindsay’s wedding is going to be a smashing 1920s theme. I cannot wait to have the chance to be one of the photographers!]

1920s Models @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Isn’t the setting beautiful?! [This is the garden of Lindsay’s mom, who is also my honorary second mother. She blogs at Sweet Bouquets.]

Bridal Shower in the Garden @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesBridal Shower Dessert @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesBridal Shower Gifts @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesBeverage Table @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesDebi's Garden @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesBridal Shower Ladies @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesFruit Parfaits @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Which is sweeter? Dessert or Baby Sweden Elise?

Sweden @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And into the twilight, twinkle lights and quiet conversations.

Evening Bridal Shower @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Sweet Bouquets said...

Such a lovely capture, Heidi!! Love your pictures and sweet comments!

Danielle said...

everyone (including yours) has such little lovely backyards! And the decorations are beautiful!!

mackyton said...

Oh my goodness, look at these adorable photos! I am drooling over these decoration ideas. You just made this a creative event! I was just finding ideas for the decoration of garden venues for events and found best one here on you blog. Thanks for sharing it!!