Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our First Day of Summer

Paradise @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Monday was our last day of Classical Conversations for the year. Wednesday, Luke passed his tutor proof for CC Memory Master. Today, after a cold and wet few months, the weather forecast predicted 80 degrees. Since we started our school year at McDowell Creek Falls, it seemed fitting to celebrate the end (of sorts) with another hike at McDowell Creek Falls. It was absolutely spectatular. The water flow was massive compared to September, and the roar of the water was deafening.

We did more hiking and climbing today than usual (though we all did get our feet in the water), and my legs were jelly by the end of our adventure. At least I can count P.E. for the day, right?

[I’ll share more pictures later after I finish our coast trip photos.]

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Kjlb37 said...

What a wonderful way to begin and end your school and yes, it absolutely counts as PE!