Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rockaway Beach [Thursday]

Rockaway Beach (Thursday 4) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After spending all of stormy Wednesday curled up with cozy blankets and books (and ordering pizza in), we took advantage of a short break from the rain on Thursday. It was cold, but that didn’t stop Luke from getting in the water. Brrrrrrrrr.

Rockaway Beach (Thursday 1) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Russ was working at his desk on the third floor of the townhouse, looking out onto the beach. If you look really close, you might be able to see him. [kidding]

Rockaway Beach (Thursday 2) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Clearly, one’s perception of the weather depends greatly on which direction one is gazing.

Rockaway Beach (Thursday 3) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Soon it didn’t matter in which direction one was gazing. It was just plain threatening and we had to make haste back to the beach house before the clouds let loose.

Rockaway Beach (Thursday 5) @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesRockaway Beach (Thursday 6) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The blue sky peeked out again for a few minutes when we went back to “town” for a quick seafood dinner at the Old Oregon Smokehouse. We took our “picnic” dinner across the street to the playground area, but the wind was so chilly we didn’t stay long.

Rockaway Beach Old Oregon Smokehouse @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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