Thursday, June 2, 2016

For the Love of Birds

For the Love of Birds @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Lola and I are on a bird-love spree. It all started with this gorgeous bird matching game.

Bird Matching Game @ Mt Hope Chronicles 

Each pair consists of one male and one female, and the set contains 25 pairs. It is surprising how different a male and female of the same species can appear, so it’s a bit more sophisticated than your average matching game. I was thrilled at how quickly Lola caught on and how much excitement she had over this game. The cards are beautiful and quite thick, and the drawings are absolutely lovely. [I think we may need the bingo game in this series next. Maybe Bugs!]

Just today, she was looking at another book and immediately recognized a puffin. Excitedly, she got out her bird cards and found the matching puffin card. I absolutely love these connections!

About Birds @ Mt. Hope Chronicles 

After enjoying the bird matching game, I decided to get out our very simple picture book About Birds (pictured above and below). Each page has very little text, but the illustrations are beautiful and each bird is identified. Several of the bird cards match up, so we had to get them out to compare.

At the end of the book, the authors provide a few pages with additional details about each bird.

Birds @ Mt. Hope Chronicles 

Now we are reading An Egg is Quiet (pictured below). This whole series by Dianna Hutts Aston is exquisite, and A Nest Is Noisy is another perfect bird-love companion. They are like taking a peek into an incredible nature journal, with watercolor illustrations and charming text.

An Egg Is Colorful @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Each page gives details about eggs (bird and other kinds): shapes, textures, patterns, and more.

An Egg Is Giving @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

On the very last page, we see a two-page spread of animals that come from eggs. It looks like we have more matching to do tomorrow!

More Birds @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I think Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World is up next for our wonder and delight.


Kathy Seeger said...

As Nature Anatomy is up next, there is a fabulous Black-Eyed Sunflower project with a very short video tutorial on the Deep Space Sparkle website. It is lovely, easy, and fun, and opens up much more art exploration with the book ;).

Kathy Seeger said...

Ugh! I meant Black-Eyed Susan above ;).

Kellie said...

Oooo, those matching cards are beautiful! My kids are are a little old for them now, but I might have to get a set anyway. :)