Sunday, June 5, 2016

Soaking Up Sun and Inspiration

Soaking Up Sun and Inspiration @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The last week and a half or so has been a complete blur.

Last weekend we completed house and yard projects, spent some time on the river (I soaked up sun and books, the boys spent time on dirt bikes and four-wheelers and camped out two nights), and hosted Luke’s 12th birthday party.

I had book club with my best peeps at a charming small-town one-room library. Then next day I set off for a (hot) weekend retreat in Washington, where I had the great privilege of meeting many wonderful women and meeting and listening to Jennifer Dow of Expanding Wisdom (more about that to come).

The boys had a local 3-day swim meet while I was gone, so Russ was juggling parenting (three swimmers and a 5 year old), coaching, and competing (yes, he was swimming as well). Whew!! I was thankful that my mom and sister helped out with Lola on Saturday. I made it back in record time today (only a four hour drive on the return trip), so I was able to watch everyone but Leif swim a few races. Russ’s time in the 50 Meter Fly (31.64) qualified him for Masters Nationals in Oregon this year, and he was super close in his 50 Meter Free! I was sorry to miss Levi narrowly beating him in the 400 Free and slaying him in the 400 IM. This was the first time Russ had ever competed in a 400 IM in all his years of swimming, and he said he almost died. [ha!] But I was proud of him for modeling for the boys how to do hard things. [grin] Apparently all that work wasn’t enough for him, so he invited two families over to our house for a BBQ one evening while I was gone. Yep, Superman.

Tomorrow we head out yet again for another (hot) day-long adventure.

After that, I just need to sit down and finish the 30 blog posts I’ve started. School plans, book reviews, book lists galore, thoughts on education, pictures from retreat and various adventures, and so much more.

If I don’t melt in yet another day of 90+ degree heat.

No worries, though. We’re back to familiar rain next weekend…

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