Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Liturgy ~ In the Midst

In the Midst @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Supper. Walking along a road. In the midst of real life.

“Jesus is apt to come, into the very midst of life at its most real and inescapable. Not in a blaze of unearthly light, not in the midst of a sermon, not in the throes of some kind of religious daydream, but… at supper time, or walking along a road.

This is the element that all the stories about Christ’s return to life have in common:

…Peter taking his boat back after a night at sea, and there on the shore, near a little fire of coals, a familiar figure asking, “Children, have you any fish?”; the two men at Emmaus who know him in the breaking of the bread.

He never approached from on high, but always in the midst, in the midst of people, in the midst of real life and the questions that real life asks.”

~Frederick Buechner, Listening to Your Life

Walking along a road @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Rebecca said...

This is beautiful and oh, so encouraging. I think I might share this at our dinner with friends tomorrow night!

Sara Masarik said...

Heidi, this is such an important reminder. And your photo is particularly beautiful. At a glance, it is so elegant. When I look at it more closely, however, I see how real it is. And, frankly, that makes it more elegant.

Renee said...

Beautiful quote! I'm copying it down now in my journal for later!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Beauty indeed. Heading over to look up the book mentioned. I love also the driveway picture. That is a path your sons have walked many a day. I think of how many times, we just need a familiar place, a peaceful place that allows us to stretch, often awkwardly, our growing selves. They are blessed. The boot on one foot, the orange flips on the other (those look so familiar.) And the table, I noticed the wrist bands on your sons hand. Life is so ordinary. Thanks for this post. Thanks for sharing.