Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week Two and Beyond at Mt. Hope Academy

Week Two @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After such a great first week, I knew that we might have a few bumps during week two. I was correct, but it was still better than I expected. I had thought about all the reasons the first week was a success, and that helped me understand what we needed to continue in order to have a strong week two.

Last Week (Week 2):

It was a busy week, which made it more difficult to keep up with formal family dinners, exercising, and reading aloud, but I still managed to get up by 6:15 every morning, have a smidge of quiet time, start symposium by 8 sharp, and stick with our school schedule during the day.

Sunday: Church in the park, Leif baptized in the river, BBQ (no formal dinner)

Monday: Week 2 of Challenge, Foundations orientation, Formal family dinner (even though Mondays are usually casual night)

Tuesday: Dinner with friends

Wednesday: Russ in Portland for meeting, Formal dinner with the kids

Thursday: Cleaned house all day so I could host an IEW DVD viewing party for Essentials parents in the evening, Hair cut, Russ took kids to fun pool at the YMCA and then out to dinner

Friday: Errands, Ivy’s 50s Diner birthday party

Saturday: Early to Renaissance Faire with friends (until the HOT afternoon), then last outdoor movie night of the summer with friends (The Princess Bride)

[It was our 8th or 9th visit to the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire. We started attending when Leif was only a year old, but we’ve missed one or two years.]

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesRen Faire Face Painting @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesIn the Pillory @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

[I think I need a pillory at home. Leif had so much fun getting hit with “potatoes” (potato-shaped, water-soaked sponges) because it was a hot afternoon and he was the only one who stayed cool.]

This Week (Week 3):

Sunday: Church, Errands, CC prep (finishing up the last of Levi’s Ch 1 work, planning and prepping for tutoring Essentials)

(No formal dinner)

Monday: Week 3 of Challenge and week 1 of Foundations for Lola and Leif and Essentials for Leif and me (tutoring)

(No formal dinner (because I was in bed between CC and book club, ha!))

Challenge A book club in the evening with Luke and friends

Tuesday: Russ gone fishing with friends


Wednesday: Piano lessons for Leif and Luke; Levi at Char and McKinnon’s house for Latin

Thursday: Ortho appointment for Levi

Friday and Saturday: Nothing on the schedule (hallelujah)

Sunday: Work in nursery, Lola tumbling class, Errands, Prep for CC community day

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