Friday, October 7, 2016

World Weary?

Nature Art @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I know I am.

Every day, every minute, I have to remind myself that this humble work of loving, nurturing, learning, teaching, home-making, celebrating is my calling.

I am not called to be a majority.

I am not called to win.

I am called to be faithful—faithful to the work set before me.

And God will be there.

In the midst of supper, of walking along a road, of real questions and real life.

In the midst of laundry and “woman’s work.”

As I grow, partake, observe, and worship…
In the garden, at the table, in the museum, and with the church.


It was a rough week. And a rough day.

I allowed outside cares to weigh on me. I argued with invisible people. I fought with the children. I forgot the important things.

While writing this post, I started to shoo away a child who was hurting and disappointed. Even while writing this post. How do I forget so quickly?

But I caught myself, and stopped. We snuggled on the couch and talked.

Now we are going to clean the house and make it lovely (because the house right now reflects the ugliness of the day).

We’ll light some candles. We’ll put on some music.

When Dad arrives home from his week-long business trip in an hour, we’ll greet him with hugs and smiles instead of mess and bickering.

We’ll play a family board game and ignore the to-do list.

We’ll feast as an act of war.

Will you join us?

:: Feasting as an Act of War by Andrew Peterson @ The Rabbit Room

"Sit down with your children and listen to them. Eat with them. Hug them. Teach them to tend a garden, placing your hands in the wounded yet life-giving earth. Stop doubting and believe. Look your daughter in the eye and tell her she is more beautiful than she could possibly imagine. Muster the courage to show up at church on Sunday. Make your home lovely. Commit to the slow work of shaping the world around you so that it looks like your best guess at what the Kingdom looks like."


Rebecca said...

It's so funny Heidi. My kitchen chalkboard has needed changing for some time and about a month ago I decided that I would do Mother Theresa's quote- "God hasn't called us to be successful but to be faithful" because I have been feeling PRECISELY how you were feeling too.

But, I gotta say, We'll feast as an act of war might make it up there first. Brilliant.

Going now to read the article- which sounds pretty great. Thanks for sharing! And keep up the great work doing the faithful things!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

This. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Yes, to this.

One Acre Follies said...

I don't comment often, but I love your honesty here! And that article! So good! I love the idea of feasting as an act of war!

Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker said...