Sunday, November 27, 2016

Advent Reading

Advent Reading @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Every year I add to our Christmas book collection. After all these years, it’s rather extensive. I’ve gathered links to some of my favorites here.

This year, our new Christmas books correspond with my current literary projects. Just this month I revealed my Tolkien project, and Tolkien’s magical Letters from Father Christmas, with reproductions of his delightful illustrations and handwritten letters, is just perfect for me to read aloud to the kids!

I haven’t yet posted about my second ongoing literary project, but you might guess it from the second title. Yes, I am also immersing myself in G.K. Chesterton. This simple Advent and Christmas reader will be perfect for my own studies, and I am deliberating whether to read it aloud to the family. It contains 28 Advent readings and 12 readings for the days of Christmas. Each reading includes a short selection written by Chesterton (a poem or quote from an essay or book), a short bible passage, a prayer, and an “Advent Action.”

Have you added any books to your Christmas collection this season? Share in the comments!


Unknown said...

I collect Christmas books and myself have an extensive collection. Some of my favorites include pop up books by Robert Sabuda. What a talented human being. My kids grew up marveling at their magnificence, and each realease was better than the last.
I also share a love of the books by Richard Paul Evans with one of my dearest friends. The Christmas Box was the first purchased by us both 20 years ago, when our children were small. That collection has grown and I love reading those bookies every year, when I drag them down from the attic.

Heidi said...

Renee, I have a couple Sabuda books, but not any of his Christmas ones. I'll have to add some to my collection! I thought I had The Christmas Box around here somewhere, but I don't see it. Maybe I haven't read it... Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Heidi thank you so much for complaining this list. I have especially loved the Handel's Messiah Family Advent Reader and the links you posted for it.
Have you heard of Prof. Carol? She produces music based curriculum that is just wonderful! Memoria Press has incorporated some of her programs. Her Online Advent calendar - also a book- are definitely worth having for this season
Naxos Music has produced two music apps that we have loved as well.


Anonymous said...

For "compiling" not complaining! yikes.