Thursday, November 24, 2016

To Gather Joyfully

Bless Us, O Lord @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I didn’t think anything could come as close to expressing my heart as the quotes I shared last Thanksgiving—until I read the post A Liturgy for Feasting with Friends at Rabbit Room this morning. I previously posted the link to the article Feasting as an Act of War, and this liturgical prayer is the perfect extension.

Leader: To gather joyfully is indeed a serious affair, for feasting and all enjoyments gratefully taken are, at their heart, acts of war.

People: In celebrating this feast we declare that evil and death,
suffering and loss,
sorrow and tears, will not have the final word.

Please. Go read the whole prayer.


Thanksgiving was the usual joyful gathering. We missed Drake, who is in boot camp in Illinois, his girlfriend, Jess, who wasn’t feeling well, and Olive’s son, Ben. But the rest of us (17 in all) feasted as an act of war. And then we took our traditional after-dinner walk. Later we colored (Shannon shared her sophisticated coloring books and jars of colored pencils) and played games while eating pie.

And now we rest.


God bless you all, dear readers.


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