Monday, March 27, 2017

Connect with Nature ~ Book Review

Connect with Nature Review @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

:: Connect with Nature by Anna Carlile

[ETA: I shared this post with friends who took advantage of the low price, and it jumped up quickly. I was hoping it would stay low much longer! It’s still a lovely book, but not quite a steal.]

Friends, this book is gorgeous. And at this moment it is only $3.45 on Amazon. Hardback cover, 240 pages, exquisite photography and dreamy nature-inspired ideas.

Nature Book @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The book is divided by season, with activities for all four seasons. The two-page photography spreads throughout the book are graced with lovely quotes.

Terrarium @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Connect with Nature is full of instructions for nature projects such as creating a terrarium, starting a veggie patch, making a swing, attracting birds, and making dyes from plants.

Nature Book Review @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Recipes include herbal teas, heirloom tomato and peach salad, blueberry galette, buckwheat crepes with pears and figs, and poppyseed campfire bread with rhubarb compote.

Rock Stack @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Climb a tree, stack rocks, walk barefoot, go on a picnic, smell the rain.

Learn about moon phases and read the clouds (the pages on various cloud formations are fantastic).

Moon @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Learn how to bloom branches indoors during the winter and tie knots.

Nature Collection @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Forage for edible weeds. Dig for clay and make pinch pots.

Nature Craft Ideas @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I wanted to purchase a stack of these books to have handy for gifts, but unfortunately the seller has a limit of 1 book per customer. So I am selfishly keeping this one for my own enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

Do we need a special code? It wasn't the same price when I clicked the link. It still looks like a lovely book! Thank you--I love your book reviews!

Heidi said...

Anon~ Unfortunately, the price jumped soon after I posted and several friends took advantage of the offer. :( I've edited to post. So sorry!

Melanie said...

What an odd thing, for a seller to limit how many copies you can buy of her book! You'd think she'd want to sell as many as possible.