Thursday, March 30, 2017


TeenPact @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Russ and I drove up to the Oregon capitol building today to watch the graduation ceremony for TeenPact, which Levi had been attending all week. He stayed at the retreat center each night, so we hadn’t seen him since Monday. I was a little concerned about how he had fared during the week since he was not excited about going (and the stomach flu had been making the rounds at our house the previous five days).

Not to worry. He had a fantastic time and is already planning to return next year. (I’m trying to refrain from the I told you so’s.)

The retreat center was in a nearby town, but the daytime headquarters for their TeenPact group was the Micah building. Students spent time in the capitol as well.

Teen Pact 2 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The four-day camp for 13-19 year olds includes:

– Writing and debating bills in our TeenPact mock legislature

– Interviewing lobbyists

– Analyzing legislation

– Viewing the House & Senate chambers

– Exploring the state judicial system

– Learning how to pray for elected officials

– How a Bill Becomes a Law

– Learning how political campaigns work by running a mock election

– Meeting and hearing from people who work at the capitol

– Critical thinking

– Principles of Christian leadership

The graduation ceremony took place in the Senate.

TeenPact 3 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Students took their places as “senators” and debated a mock bill. Their “elected officials” gave speeches.

Levi @ TeenPact @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

It was exciting to watch, and I’m glad that these students have a chance to see how our state government works as well as to work on their leadership skills.

TeenPact4 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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