Friday, August 25, 2017

Summer Bucket List ~ Thor’s Well

Thor's Well @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Way back in June—yes, June—we drove over to the coast for Father’s Day.

I have lazy perfectionist syndrome. It’s paralyzing. I took a thousand pictures of the gorgeous day, and then it was too overwhelming to go through them all and pick all the best ones and edit them and get them posted with commentary. So I posted nothing. Which is, of course, much worse than just picking a few and posting them without editing.

I did edit the above picture of Thor’s Well because that was the main item on my summer bucket list (especially after being in the area earlier this summer). It was really quite incredible to be standing on the rocks nearby, the thundering waves deafening, and the spraying mist overpowering. During high tide, the water comes up the rock “well” in a surge and then sucks back down as if the ocean is draining. It’s magnificent.

The weather was crazy that day. Sometimes clear. Sometimes completely overcast. Weird cloud banks here and there.

Thor’s well and the two pictures below are in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

Cape Perpetua @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesCape Perpetua (2) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Before we headed to Thor’s Well, we waited out low tide at Neptune State Park just south of Cape Perpetua. It is one of my new favorite beaches. Picnic benches on a cliff overlooking the beach, lots of rocks and caves for climbing, tide pools, sandstone cliffs, and no crowds.

I took this next picture from far away so you couldn’t hear the fighting [wry grin] and because my boys don’t let me pick out their outfits anymore.

Neptune Beach (7) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

It wasn’t very warm, but the kids went in the water anyway. Russ went in with his clothes on because he’s funny like that.

Neptune Beach (4) @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNeptune Beach (5) @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNeptune Beach (3) @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNeptune Beach (6) @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNeptune Beach (8) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And the requisite dramatic cloak picture:

Neptune Beach (2) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Not perfect, but posted.

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