Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summer Bucket List ~ A Day of Crabbing

A Day of Crabbing @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After an early morning at the balloon launch, we drove over to the coast with our best friends and spent the whole day crabbing for John’s birthday. (John and Russ have been best friends and Char and I have been best friends for almost 30 years. Now we live about two miles from each other, have kids the same ages, attend the same church, swim on the swim team together, and are homeschooling in the same community together. It doesn’t get better than that!)

65 crabs caught, 12 given away, 53 cooked and ready to eat.

Crabbing @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Lots of playing on the beach. It was beautifully sunny, but the breeze was quite cool.

Crabbing (2) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Everyone took turns riding the the boat and getting the crabs. Luke was having a blast.

Crabbing (3) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Levi spent most of his time on the beach hanging out with McKinnon and Monet.

Crabbing (4) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Char worked hard to get the crabs ready to boil. She’s a crab master.

Crabbing (5) @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesCrabbing (6) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Pot after pot after pot of crab legs.

Crabbing (7) @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We had a bit of waiting for the men to finish with the crab pots in the evening, so Levi and McKinnon enjoyed a game of chess. Then we all went out for a late bowl of clam chowder at Mo’s.

Crabbing and Chess @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I love these people.

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