Sunday, November 26, 2017

Green Friday Fishing

Green Friday Fishing @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After a few hours of sunshine at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area, we wandered over to Timber Linn park where my husband was fishing. [I do not know what has possessed him, but he is fishing-obsessed at the moment.] It was such a gorgeous day, and this particular spot is exceedingly convenient. The pond has recently been stocked with huge rainbow trout, and Russ has been catching consistently this past week.

Shannon took advantage of the fact that Russ had all the equipment out, and she brought Rilla and Sweden to catch their first fish. It isn’t a deep pond. Two lifeguards were present. No mud. Extra adults to watch children. The girls were already dirty. Sweden took a nap in the car. Sunshine. Parking right at the pond (which is only a few miles from our house). A guy willing to gut the fish. Easy peasy.

They may be a little spoiled because we ended up with eleven gorgeous trout. As Russ said, “Girls, this isn’t called fishing. It’s called catching.”

Green Friday Fishing with Sweden @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Green Friday Fishing Crew @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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