Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Greatness of Small Things ~ Green Friday

Green Friday @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Hours and hours of sunshine for our traditional Green Friday!

Holly, Ilex, and Ivy
Shannon, Rilla, and Sweden
Heidi, Levi, Luke, Leif, and Lola

I was thrilled that Ilex was able to take a break from her studies and join us.

Green Friday Crew @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

“A man can do worse than be poor. He can miss altogether the sight of the greatness of small things.” [Supper of the Lamb]

Green Friday Kids @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

"Life is so much more than occasions, and its grand ordinariness must never go unsavored.”

Green Friday Rest @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

“Only miracle is plain; it is the ordinary that groans with the unutterable weight of glory.”

Green Friday Rose Hips @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

“Come then; leap upon these mountains, skip upon these hills and heights of earth. The road to Heaven does not run from the world but through it.”

 Green Friday Off Road @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

“[The world] is a gorgeous old place, full of clownish graces and beautiful drolleries, and it has enough textures, tastes, and smells to keep us intrigued for more time than we have.”

Green Friday Ivy and Sweden @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

“Man’s real work is to look at the things of the world and to love them for what they are. That is, after all, what God does, and man was not made in God’s image for nothing.”

Green Friday Lola Drama @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

“For leisure is a receptive attitude of mind, a contemplative attitude, and it is not only the occasion but also the capacity for steeping oneself in the whole of creation.” [Leisure: The Basis of Culture]

Green Friday Walk @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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