Saturday, January 13, 2018

52 Hike Challenge ~ Hike 3: Newport, Oregon

Newport Hike 2 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I had been watching the weather forecast for the coast, and today was supposed to be beautiful. I convinced my husband that we needed to take a family day and head over.

We started just south of Newport and explored a new trail for us. Our first stop was Old South Jetty Trail.

@2 miles (there and back)

Easy terrain

60 degrees

Sunny and clear

Hiking buddies: the whole family

Oregon Coast, buff sand, blue skies, lapping waves, arched bridge, historic lighthouse, narrow path, sea gulls, green shrubs, mud puddle, dry grasses.


Newport Hike 1 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Yaquina Bay Bridge at the end of the trail:

Newport Hike 3 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse across the way:

Newport Hike 4 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 6 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 5 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 7 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 8 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 9 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 10 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After leaving South Beach, we headed to the north side of Newport and visited Yaquina Head where Lola, Leif, and I hiked Salal Hill Trail.

Newport Hike 13 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Salal Hill is a short 0.7 mile hike with a moderate elevation gain of 130 feet. It felt great. The temperature had warmed slightly to about 65 degrees. The view from the top was lovely.

Newport Hike 11 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 12 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After the hill, we walked around the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and saw whales spouting in the distance.

Newport Hike 14 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 15 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Lola and I left Leif watching whales and we walked down to Cobble Beach to explore the tide pools. [Russ and Luke were on their way up and Levi was down on the rocky beach sketching the lighthouse.]

We saw sea anemones and urchins, a tiny crab, barnacles, and more. I ended up hiking down and up the stairs twice, so I felt like I got in a good workout in addition to the two short hikes.

Newport Hike 16 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 17 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We grabbed a late lunch and then headed just a bit further north to our favorite beach so the kids could play.

Newport Hike 18 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 19 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 20 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 21 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We are rarely on the beach for sunset, but I guess that’s the good thing about short winter days.

Newport Hike 23 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 24 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Hike 25 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

If we could ignore the bad attitudes and frustrations along the way, it was a perfect day.


Lauralli said...

I'm in awe that your kids can stand that frigid water! We were on the Oregon coast in August 2016 and I got a brain freeze just putting my feet in the water! HA! I'm used to the Gulf Coast waters that are very mild. However, we were there this past Thanksgiving and it was too cold for me even then. But, no where near as cold as I felt in Oregon!

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