Monday, February 19, 2018

52 Hike Challenge ~ Hike 11: Silver Falls

Silver Falls Snow 1 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Monday: a scheduled CC break, a break in the rain-filled forecast, and a break from parenting.

Russ had been out of town since Friday morning, and he returned this morning.

After hiking on Saturday, Lola declared, “Mom, hiking is not my thing. It is not healthy for me. I will die if I have to hike again.” [Granted, this was said right after a strenuous hike in the rain.]

Luke bailed part way through Saturday’s hike. Levi was icing his knees. Leif is unpredictable in his attitude.

So I decided to leave the kids with Russ, take off by myself today, and appreciate the solitude.

It didn’t occur to me that we had had some flurries of snow at our house on Sunday (didn’t stick) and that Silver Falls is up in the mountains.

Look at what the kids missed.

50 minutes from home.

Almost 4 miles hiked.

7 big waterfalls.

Snow, sunshine, and blue skies.


Silver Falls Snow 2 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

These are the South Falls.

Silver Falls Snow 3 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Silver Falls Snow 6 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Lower South Falls:

Silver Falls Snow 7 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Down Canyon Trail:

Silver Falls Snow 8 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

An unnamed falls:

Silver Falls Snow 9 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Silver Falls Snow 5 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Tiny waterfalls:

Silver Falls Snow 10 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Lower North Falls:

Silver Falls Snow 11 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Double Falls:

Silver Falls Snow 12 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Falls Snow 13 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Drake Falls:

Silver Creek Snow 15 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Middle North Falls:

Silver Falls Snow 15 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Winter Trail:

Silver Creek Snow 16 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Falls Snow 14 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Winter Falls:

Silver Falls Snow 19 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Falls Snow 18 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Falls Snow 17 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And finishing the loop on the Rim Trail.

Silver Falls Snow 20 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Words fail me.

Silver Falls Snow 21 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Unknown said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Rebecca said...

I can only imagine how different this hike felt- not just for the gorgeous white everywhere but for the intense quiet/roar of nature without the inner sounds of "Where is Lola? Where are the boys?"

Hikes with children can be lots of things- mostly playful and loud and fun. Hikes by yourself can turn reflective really quick.

Hope you found yourself refreshed by the end- I can't believe you wouldn't!

Jill Foley said...

So, so beautiful

Heidi said...

Rebecca~ It was the first time I have ever hiked by myself. Odd, but very refreshing. I could get used to it. ;)

Mia White said...

Wow! I've been there literally a million times but never during the snow-- so gorgeous! Looks like a painting. Ironically our good friends were just there yesterday in the snow, as well. :)

Mia White said...

PS- I love the idea of a hike a week, what a worthwhile & attainable goal! We might have to jump on the bandwagon! Here are my pics from Silver Falls park in summer:

Heidi said...

Mia~ I've been there several times in the spring/summer, but it has never occurred to me to go during the winter, and I had no idea there would be snow this week! This challenge is the only thing getting me out during these winter months, and it's been a blessing in my life.

I love your pictures. I didn't know about that interactive educational play trail. How fun!! We'll totally have to check it out with the kids this summer. <3 Thanks for sharing.

Jaime said...

I am ever so jealous of the views you get to see. My little corner of Ohio is lovely, but THIS...this is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is stunning! Thanks for sharing.