Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here and There

We've been trying to get to the pool more often so that Levi and Luke can practice their swimming skills (and get out some energy). Leif and I decided to sit out this evening.

Ilex, Drake, Holly, Levi, and I made it to another Shakespeare play. This time around we experienced an interpretive Twelfth Night. You just wait. In another year or two, we'll be Shakespeare experts!

Russ was in the mood to get out of the house. We headed over to the Oregon coast and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in spite of the drizzle.

Levi has been begging to go camping ever since he and Dad had a 'boys only' camping trip in the mountains last summer. Now that we have a great 'wilderness' of our own, Russ bought a tent, set it up with Levi, went to the store to buy s'mores stuff, and built a bonfire. Levi and I were out (at the Shakespeare play) for the evening, but Russ invited Poppy over and roasted marshmallows with Luke and Leif while star gazing. When we returned, Levi and I joined the party and made ourselves some s'mores. A lightning and thunder show rounded off the evening as the boys made their nest in the tent. Leif and I again decided to sit this one out, but the big boys had a blast. They straggled out of the tent at 7:30 the next morning, greeted by a nice drizzling rain, and I whipped up a big batch of pancakes. Now that's the way to camp with three little boys. Grin.

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