Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lambing Barns

Our local university invites the public to their lambing barns during the lambing season. We last attended a couple of years ago when Levi was three and Luke was a baby. Our timing was right on and we were able to watch a lamb being born. This year we visited right at the end of the season, and no birthing seemed imminent so we didn't hang around for a long time. Unfortunately, we are at the stage where we have to fit things in between feedings and nap times. Luckily for us, the day was gorgeous, and the country scenery was so peaceful. It's just nice to be out and about once in a while, ya know?

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heather said...

After reading this post, I was motivated! This morning we headed to the lambing barn. Today was the last day and we didn't see a birth, but we saw lots of cute lambs.
It is just beautiful out there...peaceful, green hills...a great outing.