Friday, November 2, 2007

Can You Find It?

I pulled this book of art off the book shelf, remembering that the cover art depicted San Francisco. (View of San Francisco, Number 2 by Peter Saul.) Luke is fascinated by Golden Gate Bridge lately.

Can You Find It? showcases 19 works of art of various styles and time periods ranging from Scenes from the Tomb of Nakht (unknown artist) to Sweets by Randall Deihl, an American realist painter. Each painting covers 3/4 of a two page spread, large enough to search for small details such as 1 man who looks like a rock, the time 9:45, 7 blue parasols, 6 brown jugs, and 3 men on a roof.

This search and find book was produced by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the introduction, the author describes playing Can You Find It? at an art museum. The game requires a partner. One player finds a detail in a painting and says, 'I see a man who looks like a rock,' and the second player searches until the detail is found. What a fabulous way to encourage young children to spend time looking closely at a painting!

When you've finished the paintings in Can You Find It? be sure to move on to Can You Find It Inside? and Can You Find It Outside?.

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Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Oh wow! That sounds fantastic! Thanks for the review!