Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am overwhelmed by the enormous quantity of blessings in our lives. How sorry I am for all the moments of complaining and whining that I have indulged in this past year. How thankful I am for the graciousness of God.

I adore my husband. We have three incredible young boys. We have a lovely, warm, dry home in the country. We live just two miles from my parents. Almost all of our extended family live within 20 minutes of our home. My husband has a good job. Our cars still run. We enjoyed a road trip and many other days of fun and adventure this past year. We are healthy. We eat good food (usually too much). We read together and just plain enjoy each other's company. We have great friends. The list goes on and on and on.

In my mailbox the other day I recieved the World Vision Gift Catalog. As I poured over the pages, my heart ached for those in developing countries (and families in our own city or country) who would be overjoyed by a gift of oxen and plow, sewing machine and training, seeds and farm tools, fresh water, soccer balls, musical instruments, art supplies, or any of the other incredible gifts to choose from. This week, Levi and I will choose a gift. And it will be priceless to me to help instill in him a heart for those with less. Consider giving a gift to those in need this year!

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