Friday, November 16, 2007


It has been nearly a year since we moved into our 'Forever House.' I posted Open House pictures back in March even though we hadn't finished settling in, and a few of the pictures were taken before we moved in.
Since I have spent the last week cleaning and organizing in anticipation of hostessing book club (isn't entertaining a great catalyst?), it seemed like an ideal time to invite all of you to another open house. So, welcome, and come on in! Our library/school room is straight ahead through the French doors. (Unfortunately, it became my 'stash and dash' room, so I will post pictures later... Grin.)

Below is our living room. The kitchen is again straight ahead (we'll go there last of all so we can sit and enjoy some hot spiced cider). The hallway is the opening on the left. We'll head down there in just a moment.

This is the view from the kitchen doorway~ looking back toward the front door.

We've now walked down the hallway to the master bedroom. Some day we'll have a master suite, but until then we'll enjoy this cozy little room.

I hesitated to show you this messy picture, but if you were here you would see it. Russ built me these wonderful shelves which I have yet to organize. I still use one of the dressers as a changing table (when it isn't covered with clothing and what not) since we don't have space in the boys' room.
This is the hallway view from our room back into the living room. Through the curtained doorway is the tiny stairway leading up to the playroom. If you were really here, you would still not be allowed up there. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. To the right is the boys' room.
Ah, we are now entering my favorite room. The quiet room. Sometimes. Leif is only taking naps in here. At night he sleeps in the play pen in the school room. It's soaking in and he will be brilliant by the age of 3.

And we are heading back into the hallway...
I'm sure you were just dying to see our bathroom, but it is nice to know where it is... just in case.

And now back to the kitchen for some cider. Our dining nook is to the right. I love the way the sun pours in the window all morning.
This is the kitchen view from the dining nook.
And our laundry nook. I'm only showing it to you because it is actually clean. Otherwise I would have the curtain closed.
The view back into the living room.

I wish you could truly be here, but I'm glad you came for a virtual visit!


Mumsy said...

Oh, Heidi! It's absolutely gorgeous! I love, love, love it!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful, charming home! Will you come and make mine look pretty like yours? I can do basics, but accessorizing is not my thing. You are awesome at that!


Jennefer said...

Oh, wow! Someday will you be my cyber-decorator? Your home is truly beautiful and I *love* the splash of red I saw in many of the rooms.

I cannot decorate to save my life - organize yes, decorate no! It's a sad truth. Dh would do a better job than I could!

Thanks for sharing,

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful home! We are in the midst of re-doing an old home and I love looking at pictures of others' homes for ideas. Thanks for sharing!

carole said...

Wow! Great job! Very inspiring! (yes, I need an exclamation mark on all those sentences even though I don't like to overuse them)
I love all your special touches around the house and your use of space - we have small homes in common. How many square feet is yours? Ours is about 1400-1500. I love your leather chairs. Very cool. And I am happy to know that I am not the only one with lots of things on top of my fridge. :)
Have a great time with your friends!

Renee said...

What a charming home! Love the neutrals with bright splashes of color. Love the painted furniture, too! Thanks for sharing. I might steal some decorating ideas. :)

Anne said...

Simply gorgeous! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your house is amazing!! I wish I was blessed with your talent.

Bella Art Girl said...

I like that your home is not a cookie cutter version of the PBarn catalog. That's not to say I don't like PB it's just that when you infuse your home with your own brand and personality it is so much more a home. Beautiful, elegant, cozy...good stuff, thanks for sharing..maybe I'll go play in one of my rooms and redecorate

Donna Boucher said...

Wow! You have a beautiful house.
Such wonderful colors.
Great style!!!

Thanks for the fun tour of your home!!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home! I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour. Your blog is lovely, too. -Julia :-)

joyh82 said...

Very nice, I love the colors you have chosen.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. You have a unique way of surrounding your life with graceful beauty. Your family and boys are blessed to have you as their mom! Thanks, for the inspiration.

Crystal said...

Your home is just beautiful!!!!!