Sunday, January 20, 2008


Larissa has been a long-time friend of my sister, Shannon. She and Chad recently became engaged and agreed to be my guinea pigs since I have only had experience photographing wiggly little boys. They were great sports and very brave to be my first couples session in this lovely cold weather. At least the rain stayed away.
Aren't they gorgeous? These are just a few of my favorite images from today!


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

wow -- we did the same thing today -- too funny!!

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Fabulous! I especially love the one of them walking along the tracks and the one of their arms linked!

Heidi said...

Country Girl~ That's crazy! What was in the water today? :) Fun, isn't it?

Sarah~ I had so much fun. Glad you like them!

Donna Boucher said...

You did a wonderful job!!!
I love so many of your poses!
Very cool. You are a quick study!