Monday, January 28, 2008

Even When He's Sick

Levi is down with the stomach flu, but he certainly doesn't let that stop his priceless comments and vocabulary words. Heard today:

(I check on him and tell him that he looks like he's feeling a bit better.) Yeah! (He says, very chipper.) Dad put some steam on in the bathroom and got me back on track! (He was sick again within a few minutes.) I'm off track, again.

My legs feel like they are going to fail.

(He throws up just a little.) Mom, sometimes it is only a portion.

Mom, I need to go to market. (Market? Why?) To get more cran-raspberry juice. That seemed to really work.

Poor kid.

And just the other day, we were out (just the two of us, which rarely happens) and he had me in stitches the entire time. I can't even remember half of it. My mom says that I need to have a recording device clipped to my belt at all times.

While we were driving to the appointment, he asked me if I had watched the commercial about the vehicle with video games for the kids. He proceeded to 'play' a video game. (We don't own a gaming system. The poor child is limited to the occasional computer program.) Who needs a video game system when you can do the whole thing in your imagination?!

(After the appointment, I ask him what the nurse and he talked about.) Oh, a great deal of things. (What questions did she ask you.) A bunch of foolishness.

On our way home, he tells me that he'll need the keys to the Suburban because he is going to own it. I promptly inform him that it will be 10 years before he can drive it, much less own it.

Actually, I'm going to drive that Dodge. (That what?) You know, the Caravan we discussed earlier. (Oh, that Dodge. The one with the DVD player?) No, with the video games. (He pauses while mulling over something.) Well, my wife will drive. I'll be playing the video games.

(Later that evening, Russ was getting out the microscope with the boys for the first time. He was in his element getting it all figured out. Levi has a way of sizing up the situation.) Dad, is this your big moment?


Renee said...


carole said...

I bet Russ loved that last comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Heidi! That boy has wit way beyond his age!

And aren't you glad you could be home capturing all these moments anytime of the day, and also reading living books to them?

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

how precious. enjoy these moments. levi and my eldest twerp sound like they are made form the same mold.

heather said...

Love it! I laugh and laugh.