Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Small Talk

Quite some time ago, around the time that I read The Art of Civilized Conversation, my sister and I came up with a long list of 'small talk' questions that might help start a fascinating conversation when we seemed to be at a loss. I know that Shannon has put many of the questions on our list to good use, but I haven't had much time for small talk in the past year.

So, would any of you, my dear readers, be interested in some small talk? I would love to hear your answers to one or all of the following questions. I realize that this blog format loses much of the 'intimate chat' atmosphere, but we can try, can we not?

*Tropics, desert, mountain, coast, or valley~ what climate do you prefer?

*If you were forced to list your best asset, what would you reply?

*What unusual features would your dream home have?

*If you owned a restaurant, what would it be like? What would you name it? What food would you serve?

Feel free to chat in the comments or on your own blog (but be sure to put a link in the comments!).


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

I like this idea but I can't answer right now, but I did want to say that when I saw the title "Small Talk" I thought--Oh! I could have named my blog Small Talk! My in-laws (Small) had a weekly Bible study group for years and years that they called Small Talk, and my father-in-law (he died 9 years ago) used to write a column of the same title for a magazine. But I'd totally forgotten that until I saw your post.

Barb said...

I love these question:
Favorite Climate - LOVE the Pacific Northwest - cool, rainy, green, lush, that's the place for me
Best asset - patience
Unusual feature of dream home - lots of built ins, farmer's sink
My restaurant - thought about this for MANY years so I have a few:
Table for Two, Coffee And..., (I actually had a catering busines several years ago called Assorted Affairs). Table for Two would be a romantic eatery and Coffee and... would be a breakfast till about 4 diner - good coffee, sandwiches, biscotti, cake, yum!

Anonymous said...

Good questions! -
The coast - specifically New England coast - really love it there.

My best asset - creative organization and planning.

Unusal features in my dream home - built-in bookshelves everywhere - and a home library instead of tv room.

Restaurant - Good, home-cooked meals - not sure what I'd call it, but I'd serve things like fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, chocolate cake, nothing super special, but always good when you want something comforting.

Heidi said...

Smallworld~ How fun! I like your current name, though. And it still has small in it. :) I'd love to hear your other answers when you get a chance! You always crack me up.

Barb~ Yep, PNW is the best. :) And we are only 1-2 hours away from ocean, mountains, and high dessert. No tropics, though. :-P I love your restaurant ideas! Assorted Affairs is an awesome name for a catering business. Bet you had some interesting times...

Tonia~ Thanks for commenting! The New England coast is *gorgeous.* I would love lots of built-in bookcases, too. Someday...

Jen Rouse said...

I decided to join the conversation with a post on my blog, since I liked the dream home question so much. Thanks for the good questions!

Anonymous said...

Hope it's not too late to get in on this discussion. I got to thinking about my perfect home and left a response over at my blog.