Saturday, October 11, 2008

At the Farm

Our neighbor raises livestock. He has promised us beef and pork. I am thrilled to get local (less than a mile!), natural meat. Sometimes I wish the boys could grow up on a farm, and then reality sets in and I am very glad we haven't taken on that kind of responsibility and commitment at this stage of our lives.

This weekend Russ was asked by the neighbor to feed the animals while he is gone for a few days. Perfect! The boys tagged along this evening and visited the goats, cows, turkeys, chickens, pigs, and horse. Luke got an egg out of the chicken coop. Leif followed the turkeys around. Levi's favorite activity was climbing on the hay. It sure brought back memories of my own childhood. I remember making hay forts and playing on the bales for hours!


Aja Jenise said...

WOW!! Thats akk I can say... I wish I could see all of life through your lens Heidi!!

Kathy said...

I happened on your blog, I have 3 boys as well. We are living life in the country and reality set in for me some time ago. :)

You have a very beautiful family.


Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi....I just love looking at your pictures. They are all so dreamy. My boys love visiting farms and I am glad too that it is not one more thing on my list that I have to do either!

Q: I love the picture of your son with the red hat sitting on the hay. Which "action" did you perform on that picture?

Ash said...

Incredible shots. What an wonderful experience for the boys.

Your pictures inspire me to try new and different angles in which to shoot my boys. You (and Holly from June Cleaver Nirvana) were "at" the pumpkin patch with us yesterday - I stopped trying to pose any shots and just let the boys run and discover. I'll post some this coming week - I think a couple turned out pretty cool.


Sarah said...

Looks like a great day.I do so love seeing the world through your lens. Do you use some filters??? Everything is so soft and comforting, even dreamy and a little idealistic. Would love any tips that you can offer.

Heidi said...

I used the Rusty Cage photoshop action (from TRA) on all of the pictures in this post other than the turkey (which turned out too dark). It is amazing to me how different each picture looks even though I used the same action! The first one of Levi turned out too dark and yellow, but the second one of him sitting in the hay is my favorite. :)

Darcy @ m3b said...

Still, minus the responsibility, how cool is it to get to visit and be so close to that turkey!

Anonymous said...

wow, that last picture is awesome.

Ruth said...

These pictures make farming look idyllic. I am still at the beginning stages of photography. Do you use Photoshop Elements?

Anonymous said...


You could keep chickens.

I live in Southern California, 30 miles outside of one of the largest urban centers on earth. I have four hens in a coop in my garden. Each time I collect eggs, I would swear I'm on the farm.

But cleaning the coop inoculates me from any real desire for farm life.


Heidi said...

Ruth~ Right now I am using the full photoshop with purchased actions. Too much fun!!

Jana~ Yes, we have definitely considered just doing chickens. There is a good chance we'll take that on in the next year or two.