Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday (In Brief)

I'm editing Wednesday to an hour. It's my perogative since it's my blog, right? We arrived at piano lessons greeted by the cheeriest display of pumpkins and gourds all around the house. The boys were so excited! Sometimes it just doesn't take much. (And thanks for letting us keep one, Lynn!)
We were early (probably for the first time, ever) so the boys went for a quick stroll (run, gallop...) in the orchard.
It's hazelnut season! The ground is covered.

Luke and Leif soaked up a half hour on the play structure while Levi was in his lesson. I doubt we'll have many more weeks of warm weather. Soon, we'll have to head back inside...


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

What a great place to go for piano lessons!

Unknown said...

Since you love literature, and even though I know those aren't horsechestnuts, I had to go and dig out this poem for you, because it came to mind when I saw your pictures.

"When milkweed blows in the pature
And winds start spinning the leaves
And out by the wall the cornstalks
Are neatened in packs called sheaves;
When apples bump on the roadway
And over the road and higher
The last of the birds, like clothespins,
Are clipped to the telegraph wire....

I suddenly think, "Horse-chestnuts!"
And, singing a song, I go
And find a tree in the meadow
Where millions of chestnuts grow;
And underneath in the grasses
I gather the nuts, and then
As soon as I've filled my pockets,
I sing along home again.

And singing and scuffing homeward
Each year through the drying clover,
I feel like a king with treasure,
Though-now that I think it over-
I don't *do* much with horse-chestnuts
Except to make sure I've shined them.
It's just that fall
Isn't fall at all
Until I go out and find them.

Kaye Starbird.

Hope you are feeling better dearest Heidi.

Heidi said...

Prairie Chick~ That poem cheered me up to no end. Thanks!!