Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living Lovely with Family ~ Here and There Edition

Memory is a child
walking along a seashore.
You never can tell what small pebble
it will pick up and store away
among its treasured things.
~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

We've talked about daily and weekly routines, so to continue our series on Living Lovely with Family, let's talk about special treats, random surprises, and seasonal activities.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Share on your blog your thoughts and ideas for making connections and memories with our families in simple, but profound ways through special treats, random surprises, and seasonal activities. Feel free to grab the above image (or the smaller button on my sidebar) to add to your post. Enter your link below. Or you could add your voice to the comments!

I have already come away from previous weeks with new ideas and a feeling of inspiration. I'm looking forward to reading what this week brings! Scroll past Mr. Linky for my visuals on the subject. (And don't forget that we're moving on to yearly traditions next week!)

Playing in the Snow:
Baking and Eating Yummy Things:

Going for Hikes and Appreciating God's Green Earth:

Playing in the Sand and Dipping Toes in the Ocean:

Watching the Hot Air Balloons at the Local Art and Air Festival:

Enjoying a Fire in the Fire Pit,
Roasting Marshmallows:

Berry Picking:

Veggie Gardening:

Concerts in the Park:

Playing Games with Family:

Visiting the Renaissance Faire:

Hay Ride and Hot Donuts at the Pumpkin Patch:

We do not remember days;
we remember moments.
~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand


Shell in your Pocket said...

Your pictures make life beautiful~
sandy toe

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Aaaahh. I love to visit your blog first thing in the morning. It sets the whole day off on the right foot--peacefully!

Skeller said...

I so totally love your photographs to go with your special treats!

Hmmm... here are some Keller treats: cinnamon rolls (just out of those silly refrigerator packages) and hot chocolate every Friday morning to celebrate the last day of the school week; rock wall at the YMCA [usually] every Friday night; trips to the tidepools; hikes in the canyon (someday I hope the boys look back fondly on these - for now, they kinda whine about it. sigh); half-year birthday celebrations with cake and a small gift; about once a month my mom will take each boy individually for a "special day" at her house; and Daddy will regularly hang out in the boys' room playing their latest computer game (currently Lego Batman) while the boys watch and "coach" him and tell him what and what NOT to do ... :-)

Happy Friday to you and your family, Heidi!!

Mominin said...

I love your photos...and have gotten some more ideas of things to do with my family. Thanks for doing this.

Mab said...

Where is that ren faire? I haven't been to a decent ren faire since moving to Portland. The only one I know of is the small one at Pacific University.
Love the photos especially the garden pic :)

Heidi said...

Susan~ Thanks for sharing your family traditions. I think celebrating half birthdays is a terrific idea. Might see if I can work on that one...

Mab~ The faire is west of us in the middle of nowhere. :) I think it is very well done. Here is a link for you:

jodi said...

oh my goodness! i totally forgot about it this week! i lost my list of ideas for each week, and i guess it's out of sigh out of mind for me.

as for the last quote--i was just talking about this with my oldest daughter (just turned 18) because so many of our awesome field trips (washington dc, gettysburg, williamsburg. etc. ) the kids don't remember! but they remember little moments.

i'll have to work on a catch up post. after baths and bed for the littles

jodi-who really can't top your pictures or moments, but will document them just the same for my family's sake....

Anonymous said...

One of these days when we finally get together I want your recipe for those scones and whipped cream! I just wanted to jump on over and have some with tea with you! Gorgeous photo and... YUM!!!

carole said...

I love the idea of these linky posts but just haven't had the time to join in the fun yet. Truthfully, so far you have captured many of the same things that make up the moments of our days, weeks and months. *sigh* The little things can add up to being so much fun. :)

Rachel said...

I added my link so hopefully I can get my post up sometime today.

These are great Heidi! I really enjoy seeing what others are doing with their families.