Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Effervescent

Mr. Levi. My first-born son. The day he entered our life.... he was a ray of sunshine. He knew how to make an entrance, and he has been amazing us ever since. This boy has big things ahead of him. He loves words, ideas, stories. He makes connections that astound me. His mind is like a sponge.

Full of life and drama, no day is boring when this kid is around.

He is an incredible big brother. Not once did we have problems with him when his brothers were born. He always wanted everyone to meet his baby Luke. (It sounded like 'baybuhluke.') He is the activity coordinator around our place. He thinks up the fun, and his brothers play along.

Levi talks. And talks. And talks. And hums incessantly. The only time he is quiet is when he is listening to a story or reading. This distractable kid can tune out everything when a book is in his hands.

Levi loves people. Everyone. I think this kid is a born camp counselor/writer/motivational speaker. Or a lawyer. He can argue with a fence post.

He is affectionate. Vivacious. And chaotic. Not much routine following for him. He thinks outside the box.

Where will life take this boy? I can only imagine. And pray. A lot.


Deidra said...

What a sweet boy. What a blessing to your family. My "Levi" will be twenty-one this year. I am a better person by far because God sent him my way.

Anonymous said...

You have captured Levi's various moods so well in those pictures. They are beautiful. And your boys definately need COLOR pictures to show their beautiful eyes, as someone pointed out in comments a few days ago when you asked which people liked best. You have described him so well also. Grandma