Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter 2009

Spending Easter afternoon at my parents' home after a beautiful morning service.


Simply Me... said...

Heidi, hoping you had a wonderful Easter! Thank you so much for sharing you beautiful picture!


Shell in your Pocket said...

We need a tour of your house~ hint hint
sandy toe

Deidra said...

Happy, joyous Easter!

Anonymous said...

From Tera~
My computer's been out of commission for a couple weeks. I've missed your blog. So glad to see your book reviews from a few posts ago. My son's been asking about Beowulf lately,...think I'll read him that one and Understood Betsy. I love the quote you wrote about what grade she was in. Things our kids need to hear!
Currently I'm reading aloud Teddy's Button. Challenging language for me to read aloud from the 1800's!

Anonymous said...

That's such a beautiful and organic looking brick wall in your mom's house...perfect coloring. Original to the home? Do you know what year the house was built? ~Tera again :)

Heidi said...

Sandy Toes~ I wish that were my living room. :) It's my mom's and you can see a little more at her blog, Treading on Moss (link on my side bar).

Tera~ My dad built the house in 1972, but they used salvaged brick. They wanted the abused look. :) My mom has struggled with it over the years, thinking it looks really dark, but it looks perfect in there now with the other garden elements and all the white she's added.

Anonymous said...

WOW I love the flowers! in the photos
could you tell me what the flowers are and the vine or tree in your photos!
skylarkoh((at)) hotmail.((com))

Unknown said...

*sigh*. I can see the "lovely" factor is genetic. Just.... lovely.