Friday, April 24, 2009

The Elementary Book List ~ Levels 3 & 4

(Levels 1 & 2 Here)

Level 3 (Roughly):

(favorites are marked with *)

Nate the Great (series) (Marjorie Weinman Sharmat)

**An I Can Read Book

Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express
Chang’s Paper Pony
Dust for Dinner
**Greg’s Microscope
Hill of Fire
The Big Balloon Race
George the Drummer Boy
Sam the Minuteman
Small Wolf
Wagon Wheels
The Golly Sisters (series)
The Josefina Story Quilt
Clara and the Book Wagon
Snowshoe Thompson
The Drinking Gourd
The Long Way to a New Land
The Long Way Westward
Seasons: A Book of Poems
Step into Reading:

Listen Up! Alexander Graham Bell’s Talking Machine
Eat My Dust! Henry Ford’s First Race
Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President
Thomas Jefferson’s Feast
The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto
Christopher Columbus

All Aboard Reading

Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln
A Horse Named Seabiscuit
Lightning: It’s Electrifying

Ready-to-Read: Stories of Famous Americans (series)

Davy Crockett: A Life on the Frontier
John Adams Speaks for Freedom
Teddy Roosevelt: The People’s President

DK Readers

The Story of Chocolate
Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights
Terror on the Amazon: The Quest for El Dorado

Level 4 (roughly):

Step Into Reading

Escape North! The Story of Harriet Tubman
*Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares
The Titanic: Lost…and Found
Pompeii… Buried Alive!
Ice Mummy: The Discovery of a 5, 000-Year-Old Man
Tut’s Mummy: Lost…and Found

DK Readers

Horse Heroes: True Stories of Amazing Horses
Space Station: Accident on Mir
Flying Ace: The Story of Amelia Earhart
D-Day Landings: The Story of the Allied Invasion
Trojan Horse: The World’s Greatest Adventure
Joan of Arc
Days of the Knights: A Tale of Castles and Battles
Secrets of the Mummies
Volcanoes and Other Natural Disasters

An I Can Read Book

First Flight: The Story of Tom Tate and the Wright Brothers
Prairie School
Dinosaur Hunter

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka (series) and Snipp, Snapp, Snurr (series) (Maj Lindman)

*Billy and Blaze (series) (C. W. Anderson)

*Commander Toad (series) (Jane Yolen)


Wendi said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful list. My 7yo devours books and I am always searching for good ones for him to read. We own some on your list, but there are a bunch of new ones that we haven't read ~ I just reserved some Commander Toad ones from our library for him to read.

Thanks again!

Kim said...

! We have also reserved a couple Commander Toad books at our library, they seem perfect for adventurous boys! We are going to the King Tut exhibit in about a month so we are also looking forward to reading Tut’s Mummy: Lost…and Found. Thanks for this great list