Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This week's Living Lovely with Family theme is Vacations!

While you are more than welcome to post about vacations that you have taken in the past with your families, I am very interested in ideas for out-of-the-box or shoe-string budget adventures (whether or not you've actually done them). Put on your thinking caps and help me come up with some creative ways we can vacation with our families.... far or near... even without leaving home!

I'll have Mr. Linky up late tonight or sometime tomorrow (we'll see how life goes...). Don't worry if you can't contribute immediately. This is one theme I'd really like some help with. Feel free to share in the coming days, on your blog or in the comments!


Unknown said...

well.... my philosophy is multi-dimensional.

1. I try to make every day peaceful and joyful enough to "resemble" a holiday, even though it's just everyday life. I don't like things to get so crazed and "rat-raced" that we feel the *need* to "get away from it all".

2. We do "get away" for a full 7 day holiday in the summer AT LEAST. Right now, we chose to spend those seven days at a family camp on a beautiful northern lake where we can take our boat, have someone cook wonderful food for us, and have rustic "looking" lodging with still all the modern commodities *grin*. We go with other friends and it is nice that we can sit in on a guest speaker in the morning and then have the rest of the entire day to play and explore and then only meet with other adults in a fellowship circle come 10 pm or so after the kids are in bed. Cost, for our family of 7 it's about $1,000.00

We also take two or three "family sabbaticals" through the year. We take advantage of times with my husbands EDO pairs up with a long weekend and gives us four or five days off and then we just go incognito. Don't schedule anything with anyone, plan fun stuff to do for day trips, or books to read as we just veg out at home. We eat our favourite FUN foods (not neccesary healthy, and not a lot of work, or maybe take out) and rent stacks of movies we have been wanting to watch or read through a book we've been wanting to get to.

It's free, it's fun, it's relaxing.

We also used to love to camp, but right now with so many little boys, that is on hold for a few years.

Heidi said...

The family camp sounds heavenly! I'm going to have to see if there is something like that in our area! I also love the term 'family sabbatical' and I think I'm going to have to steal it. :) I agree that we can work hard to make our daily life as peaceful and enjoyable as possible so that it isn't as necessary to 'get away.' Thanks for chiming in, friend.