Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Year

Luke ::: 6

He was Baybuh-Luke.

And then Little Lukie.

And then not quite so little Lukie.

He just refuses to stop growing.

And now he's SIX.

Mr. Earnest. Curious George. A Lover and a Fighter.
He makes my heart sing....and I'm not sure I'll survive his childhood.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your Luke today while we celebrate our Luke clear across the country. I agree...SIX???!!! Where HAS the time gone?

Monica said...

Hello Heidi,
I follow your blog and you are such an encouragement to this weary homeschooling mamma! Your Luke is precious and sounds very much like my Michael. He will be 7 in a two weeks and I am also not sure that I will survive his childhood!! (That made me laugh!)
Happy Birthday to your Luke!