Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Z Family Fun

Z Fam 5

Z Fam 4

Z Fam 6

Z Fam 7

Z Fam 8


Laura said...

These are brilliant! I LOVE your photography!!!

Christy Murphy said...

What great pictures!!

Jodi P. said...

These are beautiful truly have an amazing talent with photography. I cannot wait to see all the pics of your little pink one on the way :-)

Lisa said...

You take beautiful pictures and arrange them so well. I aspire to be so good.

MomStarr said...

These are great looking pictures. Do you have advice for taking pics of little ones? Many times when I am taking pics of the little guys they move to doing something else just before I get the shot! Does that make sense? Thanks!

Heidi said...

MomStarr~ Well, I have *a lot* of experience photographing wiggly kids. :) My advice? Take *a lot* of photos and some are bound to turn out. :) I also move around with them, follow them around, take pictures from odd angles, don't mind if I don't have them looking at the camera and smiling for every picture, try to get them busy doing something (preferably in one place), put myself in odd positions (lying down on the ground, etc.) to try to get the shot I want.... Lots of experimenting. :)

melody said...

These are wonderful! You are very talented.

I'm here because your photo over on 'I heart faces' caught my eye. But now I'm bopping around your blog because you sound like some one who's blog I would enjoy! (I also live in the country, where we homeschool our three boys...and a little girl now too!)