Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Seven ~ Week 23

:: We get some sunshine this weekend. FINALLY!! And Russ gets a day of white water rafting. The river should be insanely perilous after all this rain we've had (we broke the precipitation record for May and June, and it's only the 12th). Maybe y'all could say a few prayers for those guys today. I'm single-parenting at a BBQ with the boys. Maybe y'all could say a prayer for me, too. (Grin.)

:: 4 days of walking this week, but it was slow going. It isn't agreeing with me like it was a few months ago... Life is changing (again) for Shannon this next week, so early morning walking may be out the window.

:: Speaking of Shannon... She recently quoted that God's past faithfulness demands our current trust while in the middle of MORE unexpected life changes. Her life has gone through some MAJOR changes this past year, but God has worked out every single detail while she and Ben chose to trust. And God came through last week, AGAIN. Inspiring. And congrats to Ben on successfully finishing his first year of school and passing his EMT Basic state boards.

:: Food for thought at The New York Times: A Classical Education: Back to the Future. We are already registered for Classical Conversations (more about that this next week, I promise), and this article further inspired me to purchase Leigh Bortins' new book, The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education. It is now on my book stack (thank you, Amazon Prime). I'll review when I've finished.

:: More discussion fodder: What is the purpose of education? I'm loving the Twelve Reflections on an Educated Person at the end of this essay by John Taylor Gatto. I'm printing them off and adding them to my inspiration folder. I'd love to hear opinions about this list. Do you disagree? Anything to add? Comments? Do tell.

:: I can't stand it. "Using "text speak" to celebrate an educational accomplishment is like celebrating your SCUBA certification by drowning puppies. STOP IT." Cake Wrecks. They're painful.

:: Enough about education, or lack thereof. I'm off to enjoy my day.

My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy.

~William Shakespeare

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Sarah said...

Lovely many things to aspire to be and to know more intimately. I persoanlly resonate with the idea that the educated person is an independent thinker. Thus he/she can move incoherence with the crowd or against it. It allows one a real freedom. I understand that the liberal arts was historically established to bring this freedom..thus the term liberal. I would add to this list that the educated person knows the discipline of place. Elizabeth Elliot wrote about this in her book Discipline the Glad surrender...she writes that as we move through life we are given certain roles, authorities or place in society. The educated man knows his to use it for the best and not usurp the place of others, such as thoe in athority if he/she does not have it. SO the truely educated person is like Paul, able to abound or be abased and be content because he/she knows the discipline of place.Knows God judges all and rewards all. Sounds somewhat like humility. This could fall under the item in Gatto's list about knowing your rights or and how to defend them, but My thought is that you also recognize what rights you don't have and live within in and even more institute goodness and benefit to those in your realm of influence. The educate person realizes all places have significance....especially from God's view point.
I love your quote from Shakespeare.