Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Seven ~ Week 24


:: My most favorite childhood strawberry stand is open for business. The boys helped me pick out a flat. YUM!! Nothing like fresh-picked Oregon strawberries, though it has been so ridiculously rainy this season, I'm guessing the strawberry season is going to be rather short. Get them while you can!

:: We had a 2-day summer.... LAST weekend. It is pouring down rain as I type. Sigh.

:: Even though the weather hasn't been great, it was lovely enough last evening that my family was able to have an awesome game of backyard softball. (ETA: Pictures at my mom's blog, Treading on Moss.) HEAVENLY. I found out that Luke can really throw that ball, and Leif is awesome at batting! I can still hit the ball, even if I run the bases verrrrrry slowly. We all play outfield when the brothers-in-law are hitting...and no one is left to play infield. My nephew, Drake, can pass everyone else up when running with the bases loaded. My Dad pitched the whole evening. I think he is going to feel it today.

:: I feel it today. Ouch. It doesn't help that I have a stomach bug on top of an evening of softball playing. I got out of bed at 1pm. And I'm heading back there shortly. As soon as I kick Russ out so he can watch the boys again.

:: The back seat of a '65 Mustang is not meant for adults. (ETA: I'm not sure I want to edit this, but my hubby laughed like a crazy person. For RIDING in the back seat. Good grief. It is the only place left for me on a *family* drive after the boys are buckled.) Especially the MIDDLE of the back seat. Driving a '65 Mustang isn't much more comfortable. I'm guessing both experiences are 'enhancing' the way my body feels today.

:: My hubby may come in 6th on this list of 7, but he's #1 to me. Grin. What an awesome Dad he is!! Happy Father's Day, Love. And I have the best Dad on the planet. How did I get so blessed?

:: And because I think you all deserve something profound, informing, or edifying in all my posts, I found this article about ideology in children's books by M. T. Anderson quite fascinating.

The words that a father speaks to his children in the privacy of home are not heard by the world, but, as in whispering-galleries, they are clearly heard at the end and by posterity.

~Jean Paul Richter


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I adore strawberries and your photo is fabulous. I love the photo on you header of your three sons. They look to be about the ages of my three grandsons. My daughter is a home schooler and a blogger too.

Colie said...

what is your fav. place to get strawberries? I live in your neck of the woods :-).

Heidi said...

Colie~ It is the stand on Hwy 20 about 5 miles east of Albany at Harber Road. My sisters and I used to ride our bikes or walk there every summer. Very sentimental. :)

Colie said...

thanks! I think I know the area :-).

Tabitha said...

Um...ouch!! I hope you're feeling better by now!
And....the thing that probably melts my heart the most are the things my husband whispers to our sons....I doubt he knows I can hear him. It makes me feel all mushy inside. I am also blessed by an amazing hubby/father....ain't love grand?? :)