Thursday, June 10, 2010

Science is Fun

A perfect complement to the boys' current favorite science book, The Periodic Table: Elements with Style!

Check out the other science videos from They Might Be Giants!


ohio12 said...

Have you done Earth and Space Science? Care to share your favorite projects and read alouds? Did you use a spine? Thanks for all your great recs!

Luke Holzmann said...

Oh man... one more reason to love They Might Be Giants [smile].

I hadn't seen that before. Good stuff!


Heidi said...

Ohio12~ We are using the Christian Kids Explore series. We went through the Earth and Space book last year, and really liked it. I talked about the series at this link:

For me, it is a very complete (and *easy* to use) program in one book. It is like Story of the World with Activity Guide, but for science with a Christian perspective. It has narrative-style lessons, worksheets, activities and projects, book (and DVD) lists for additional reading, vocab lists, and more. I don't have specific favorite projects or books that we used for Earth and Space. It was mostly what I had on hand or what we could get at the library. We watched *a lot* of Bill Nye DVDs. We visited a couple science museums. We read books. We didn't do too many activities...

Luke~ We've been enjoying their other videos at YouTube. :)