Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Getting Settled

I woke up Friday morning and told Russ that I didn't really want to get out of bed, but if I did, I wanted to go somewhere. Russ is the spontaneous one in the family. I had a feeling he'd jump right on that bandwagon.

I was thinking of driving to Eugene for the afternoon. Russ was thinking of driving to the mountains for a long weekend. It's all good. We snagged inexpensive reservations at a condo (thanks to my brother-in-law) and were on the road by that afternoon. (I remembered several times before leaving why we never go anywhere.)

We haven't been anywhere in FOREVER. This was Lola's first long drive, and I wondered how she would do. She was an ANGEL. Not a single squeak out of her for two hours. The pass was clear. The boys and I did lessons in the truck. Russ had the foresight to get a take-and-bake pizza before we left, so we put that in the oven for dinner as soon as we arrived.

The nice thing about having a tiny house and never going anywhere, is that when we DO go somewhere, the boys think staying in a condo (bigger than our house) is a fascinating adventure and we don't have to have any activities planned. Just the fact that the condo had stairs up to the door, a doorbell, and empty closests was as good as Disneyland. (Okay, not quite.) They are so deprived.Little Sister

So, we settled in, ate pizza, and watched Nanny McPhee Returns. Levi had a room to himself. It must have seemed too big because he slept in the empty closet.

Family Movie

We woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and very cute.

Good Morning

Daddy made a yummy breakfast of eggs, sausage, and pancakes. Yum!


We spent a bit of time in the jacuzzi tub and looked really cute.

Bathing Beauty

After the boys spent a long time at the pool with Daddy, they all played a game of Monopoly.

Game Time

And we looked really cute again.

Lola 3

I just love her hands.

Lola 1

And her fingers in her mouth.

Lola 2

We were starting to get cabin fever, so we went for a drive in the gorgeous sunshine.


We stopped at a park so the boys could play and Lola could eat....



...And look really cute.

Cute Stuff

pine cones


pine cone

Then we hit the grocery store for ice cream (to go with our rootbeer) and headed back to the condo.



More pictures soon.


Timi said...

It is such a lovely post!!! And your photos are beautiful as always :o)!!!

Audra said...

What darling photos of Miss Lola, her eyes! Gorgeous!!! Looks like you had a great time but I feel your pain about remembering why you never go anywhere. Getting my brood all ready to go somewhere just about makes me break out into hives!

Mon Cheri said...

Your pictutes are wonderful-makes me wish we had gone along. CUTE lola(is she ever not cute?) cute boys (are they ever not cute? well...:) and all that sun shine! yes I think it was the perfect get- away for you!

Beth said...

looks lovely! what a nice good to get out and about after being cooped up this winter, isn't it?

Florida Life said...

SOOO cute :) love the post, and the spontaneous weekend!

April said...

You can really see her personality blooming. Glad ya'll had such a fun time being cute. :)

Mic said...

Eagle Crest!! <3 We are going there the next weekend!! We LOVE it there! A beautiful drive to a beautiful place :) Plus it usually means a break from the rain ;)


Gina said...

Love it! You were in our neighborhood-and you picked a fabulous weekend, such great weather :) Glad you had a good time!

Unknown said...

I really love these peeks into everyday life! :) Love your photos!!

God bless!

Kelly said...

lovely post! I Wished I were there, except something tells me it wouldn't have been the same. We did an impromptu getaway last fall like that. Unplanned is the best!